How do you remove a tree stump?

We remove tree stumps by using a stump grinder, a specialist machine that grinds the stump away into smaller pieces that can then be removed. This is the safest and most efficient way of removing a tree stump and ensures that the stump is totally removed. This process is known as stump grinding and is undertaken by a trained and experienced operator.

Do I need to remove a tree stump?

No not all tree stumps need to be removed. They are mostly removed as they are an unattractive sight and depending on the species of tree may well grow back. Certain tree stumps may also play host to parasites and mushrooms that can affect your neighbouring trees, shrubs and animals.

How deep to tree stumps go?

Depending on the species and size of the tree, stumps can grow to different depths. For a relatively mature tree the stump will be 400-600mm deep.

How long does it take for a tree stump to rot?

The species and size of the stump will affect how long it will take to rot. Smaller stumps will rot away in 3-7 years whilst larger stumps may take up to a decade or may continue to survive. There is a tree stump in the Eastern Californian White Mountains that is believed to be 4,850 years old.

Can you remove a tree stump yourself?

Yes and no. Yes, smaller stumps can be removed by digging, hacking away with axes and trying to lever out the tree stumps but require a lot of time and effort. No, larger tree stumps cannot be removed by digging and axes they will require someone to come and removed the tree stump with a stump grinder.

What is the average cost of removing a tree stump?

The cost will vary from £100.00 upwards. Factors affecting the cost are things such as access, the area that the stump is in, the size and any precautions affecting its removal.

How much does a stump grinder cost?

Stump grinders can cost anywhere between £9,000 and £110,000.